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briege and rose

Bunny Band

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Bunny ears headband made from mulberry paper flowers, glitter and felt fabric. The headband is a one size fits all band. The bunny flowers part is approx 3.25" long. 


This item is designed and made as a photo prop which will fit from newborn upwards. The individual roses are constructed from mulberry paper however they are secured with a very small amount of wire (approx 1cm) in the centre. The flowers are attached to each other and then the band in such a way as to be aesthetically pleasing but please note that this is still a headband made from paper flowers and may be pulled apart if your child is able to do so. We do not recommend that this band is ever worn unsupervised or when the child is asleep or in any form of travel equipment. Please take extra caution with your child and this headband as it does contain small parts which could be swallowed.